A Virtual Office Pro extension set to Always Record experiences one or more of the following:

  • Conference calls joined by dialing extension 556 fail to record.
  • Calls to any service extension fail to record.
  • Calls in to any conference bridge (including non-8x8) cannot be completed.

A Virtual Office Pro extension set to Record on Demand experiences dropped calls when joining a conference call via extension 556 and call recording is intiated (*0).

Note: If you are experiencing issues with call recording during a normal 3-way call (not joined via extension 556/conference bridge), click here.


If the call recording feature is set to Always Record, by design, calls to any service extension (such as conference bridge, voicemail, Auto Attendant, etc.) will not be recorded. (See the Extension Usage Map on page 24 of the Account Manager Guide for a list of reserved extensions.)


To record group conversations (as one would a conference call), it is recommended to schedule a Virtual Meeting instead of a conference bridge. (Recording MUST be initiated from the Virtual Meeting interface on a computer—it cannot be started from a phone.)

To record Virtual Office Meeting audio

  1. Click the Meeting Controls icon from the meeting panel. A pop up window with your controls appears.
  2. Select Start Recording.
  3. In the Terms and Conditions message box, check the box next to I have read and accept the 8x8 recording policy.
  4. Click OK.
  5. At any time, click Stop Recording to end audio recording.

Note: Recorded meetings can be accessed in Virtual Office Online by clicking My Inbox > Media tab > Meetings. See also Meeting Controls and Features in the Virtual Office Desktop Web Help.

To record calls to service extensions (not including conference bridge)

  1. Set call recording to Record on Demand (instead of Always Record).
  2. After the call has connected, use the phone's Record soft key or press * 0 to initiate recording.