To view and schedule call log reports

  1. Log in to Account Manager. (If you wish to schedule call log reports using Virtual Office Configuration Manager, click here.)
  2. On the top menu bar, click Reporting.

  3. Select whether to run the report now or schedule the report to run at a later time. (Report Type: Call Logs is automatically set.)
  4. Choose Display Format from the following (click here to see examples):
    • Detailed Report
    • Current Month, Week, Today, and Summary
    • Group by Date
    • Group by Extension
  5. Under Call Report Time Filter, set the time period for the report to cover.
  6. In the Data Filters section, select:
    • Which types of numbers the report will cover (extensions, toll free, virtual numbers, etc).
    • If desired, which specific number(s) for the report to cover.
    • Calls Direction: Inbound, Outbound, or All.
    • Whether or not to limit the report to calls to/from a specific external number.
  7. To begin running the report (or complete scheduling), click Run at the bottom left of the page.

Limitations of Virtual Office Call Reporting

The call reports generated in Account Manager are unable to show the following:

  • Extension to extension calls.
  • The specific extension which answered a given call into a Ring Group.
  • The specific extension which answered a given call into a call queue.