When attempting to set up your Auto Attendant in Account Manager, you received the following error, "The numbers pointing to Auto Attendant cannot be used for call forwarding."


This issue occurs when the user inadvertently creates a call loop with a hidden, inactive submenu within the Auto Attendant. The Auto Attendant still recognizes the call loop within the hidden, inactive submenu, resulting in an error.

Steps that Result in this Error

  1. Create a submenu that points to a Virtual Number that points to the Auto Attendant holding the submenu that points to the Virtual Number (this will create a call loop).
  2. Change the Auto Attendant option to something other than a submenu.
  3. At this point the submenu is created and hidden but is not active. The Auto Attendant still recognizes the call loop in the hidden/non-active submenu.
  1. In Account Manager, open the Auto Attendant that received the error.
  2. Click the green + to add a new option.
  3. In the newly added option, select Transfer to Submenu under the left hand Call Routing drop-down, then select the hidden submenu from the right hand drop-down.
  4. Under the left hand Auto Attendant at a Glance menu, click on the name of the new submenu.
  5. Select the Additional Options tab, then change the conflicting rule from the loop to something else (e.g., replay menu recording).
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.
  7. You can then go back and click the red - to delete the newly created menu item.
  8. Save your changes.
  9. Go to Phone System > Auto Attendant and click Turn On to turn on the auto attendant.