What is the billing period?

The billing period is per calendar month, from the beginning of the calendar month to the end.

What happens at the start of a new billing period?

At the beginning of a new billing period, your account, which is linked to your credit card, will automatically be charged. Your selected monthly package and your included minutes allowance will also be renewed. Your contact center will automatically evaluate the number of licenses you have used, and you will be charged for all of those used. If you have any unused licenses, they will be removed from your package in the next calendar month (next billing cycle).

What if I downgrade at the end of the month?

If you have downgraded from your previous package at the end of the month, the change will take effect at the beginning of the month, which will be midnight on the first of the month. Whereas if you upgrade your package at any time during the month then the changes will take effect immediately.

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