Disaster preparedness is crucial to ensuring that your business keeps running in the event of an earthquake, fire, flood, storm, or other impacting event. The advantage of 8x8’s cloud-based services is that they’re geographically distributed, with back-up servers and networks based around the globe. No matter where or how wide a disaster strikes, your business communications are backed by patented, redundant technology that helps your employees to communicate wherever they are, even under harsh, challenging conditions.

Best Practices

While 8x8's distributed cloud services are ideal for adjusting in the face of an imminent or occurring emergency, it is a good idea to ensure your business is ready to handle catastrophe ahead of time. This might include:

  • Checking with your internet service provider (ISP) to ensure that they have a plan for continuous service in place.
  • Implementing a fallback ISP (and practicing a fallback routine).
  • Setting up ready-to-go emergency greetings or announcements on your system.
  • Drafting and configuring a plan for emergency call handling (see below for doing this for each of your specific 8x8 services).

Preparing Your 8x8 Services for a Disaster

Below, you will find tips on preparing your specific 8x8 services for a disaster.

Virtual Office

Virtual Office Mobile App: Our mobile app for iPhone or Android phone lets you make and receive calls, check messages, and manage call forwarding. The app works just as well over your mobile data or WiFi connection. You can configure your app settings to allow Virtual Office calls over your cellular network in the case of wi-fi unavailability.

Virtual Office Meetings: With 8x8 Virtual Office Pro, meet with coworkers and customers using our Virtual Office Meetings web conferencing feature, anywhere you have an internet connection.

Log in anywhere: You can use any computer with Internet access to log in to your 8x8 extension and update call forwarding, take calls, and check messages.

Manage your account remotely: With 8x8's web based Account Manager, make real-time updates to your phone system. For example, you can record new greetings and prompts to let customers know office hours have changed, or forward extensions to cell phones so your employees can work from home or another remote location.

Configure situational call handling and inbound messaging: In the same way you can set up holiday and seasonal options, you can configure an emergency Auto Attendant, as well as backup Ring Groups and forwarding rules that can then be switched on (and off) immediately as needed.

Virtual Contact Center

For built in VCC -Specific disaster planning options, see the following sections in the VCC web help guides:


ContactNow has an Emergency System Override feature. In case of a disaster, users with Internet access can log in to their ContactNow account and activate disaster recovery settings. Learn how to configure and activate the Emergency System Override feature: