Electronic faxes received and sent via Virtual Office Desktop or Virtual Office Online will remain available in your fax history for 60 days.

You can optionally download your faxes as PDF documents from your fax history to your computer to keep indefinitely as long as they are from within the past 60 days.

To download a fax as a PDF document

  1. In Virtual Office Desktop or Online, click the Fax icon to view your fax history.
  2. Select the desired fax from the list and click the blue eye icon to the right view it.
  3. Your default web browser will open. Depending on how your browser and PDF reader software are configured, you may be prompted to open or save the fax file (PDF), or it may open in the browser directly. If it opens directly in the browser, you may use your browser's menu to save the file to your computer.

Please note that your fax history may show records of faxes sent and received that are old than 60 days. However, they will not be viewable or shareable.