Though not always the case, a number of companies that provide Internet fax services hold exclusive rights over the efax numbers they provide. This includes: Campaigner,, EVoice,, Fusemail, J2, KeepitSafe,,, Trustfax, and Unbox.

If one of these companies originally provided the telephone number, then they have reserved the right to that number and will not allow it to be ported.

8x8 is able to port numbers out from these providers only if you ported those same numbers into that provider. Please confirm the origin of the number being ported. If you believe you retain the rights to the number (e.g. you ported the number into service originally), please contact our Local Number Portability (LNP) team at 1-877-500-8799 to let us know.

Any number originating directly from one of these providers, however, typically cannot be ported. If a mistake is made and the numbers port from one of these companies although you do not retain the rights to them, you could face heavy fines, and will still have to return the number.