To create a ticket for Quality Rocket product,  please follow the instructions below to log a ticket in the Service Cloud Community Portal.

This guide is intended for premise customers that are using Quality Rocket together with Avaya or Mitel.

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with the following credentials:
    • Username: Your 8x8 username
    • Password: Your 8x8 password

  3. After logging in, click Contact Us on the right-hand side. This will take you to the Service Cloud Self-Service portal.

  4. On the case submission form, select QROP under Which 8x8 Product? This ensures the case reaches the proper team (Quality Rocket, Quality Management, RocketIQ).

  5. In the description field, before describing the problem, enter information about the tenant (customer) where the issue is reported.
    • Company Name
    • Tenant Name
    • User ID - Used to replicate the issue
    • GUID  - If it's related to a specific call, this is extremely easy to find. Or use the agentID and date to track down the specific call.
  6. Please use the attachment button to attach any files that might help us (e.g., logs, printscreens).
  7. Severity Level Definition - We suggest using P4 as a default.
    • 0 - Quality Management is not working
    • 1 - Recording Backend Services are not working/recording
    • 2 - Important priority request
    • 3 - Medium priority request
    • 4 - Low priority request