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Application Look and Feel 

Interaction Media Playback

“Slide-Out” Design for Voice Interactions Page

“Slide-Out” Design for Evaluation View

“Slide-Out” Design for  Search Evaluation Page

“Slide-Out” Design for Trending Report 

Evaluation Editor Page

Flexible and configurable data field presentation page


General Reporting Features

Average Score Report powered by our web based pivot table

Trending Report powered by our web based pivot table

Improved Single Evaluation Report

Evaluation Summary Report

Deprecated Reports

General / Administrative Features

Improvements for Screen Recording customers

Known issues in this Release

Bug Fixes

Impact on existing permissions

LA Definitions

General Availability


Troubleshooting and Getting Help


New Features Introduced in 3.5 to Core Functions


Version 3.5 introduces hundreds of key features, performance improvements and user experience enhancements that offer significant value over version 3.x.  Besides many general performance items in the background, we also introduce the following key features in v 3.5:

Application Look and Feel

The following general design improvements have been included in this release.

  • Improved top bar design application wide using a “breadcrumbs” look and feel

  • Customize the application logo on the systems summary page

  • Redesigned drop-down buttons overall in the application

  • New design for “Get Feedback” which clarifies the purpose is to suggest product improvements

  • Improved design for Data Field API

Interaction Media Playback

The Interaction Media Playback Timeline navigation brings a superior user experience. Users now have the option to turn on and off events using the events drop-down menu. We improved the next/previous controls to quickly jump from one event to the next one.  

  • Design persists application wide for a consistent experience

  • Navigating on the Interaction Media Playback Timeline using event type filters is quicker than ever

  • Support for Chrome 57, as well as the latest Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari

  • Smooth “visuals” and a fresh new design for the agent and customer information

  • Improved design for Notes and @Mentions

“Slide-Out” Design for Voice Interactions Page

A new slide out design has be introduced to give users a better view of their data, and a simple process to manage displayed information. Key details will be accessed through the Slide Out-Panel, which has been re-designed from the ground up to make information more organized.  

Highlights include:

  • Editable data fields including Labels and Custom Tags are no longer editable on the results table itself, they are now editable on the slide out window

  • Slide out design sections are now scrollable, allowing the user to click on the exact section they are looking for

  • Improved design for Attachments

  • For Quality Management QA Form subscribers, the interaction data fields (for example: call duration, call direction, etc.) will persist into the evaluation form

  • The interaction data fields presentation on the Slide-Out Panel can be customized for greater relevancy using the Slide-Out configuration tool in Settings↦Information Display ↦ Calls ↦ Call Details section (application wide setting)

  • Allow data to “Always Show” or “Hide if Empty” for a clean appearance on search pages and reports

  • Editable fields can now be configured as date/time pickers, autofill text and plain text

  • Customize the order in which data fields are presented to the user

  • Redesigned Label experience

  • Search existing labels when adding a new label


“Slide-Out” Design for Evaluation View

The evaluation view has also adopted a new look.  In addition to the great features in the Voice Interactions page Slide-Out, the Evaluations View slide out includes the following:

  • “Read Only” view of a completed QA form

  • Ability to thread comments on the read only view supporting @Mentions directly on the Evaluations Slide-Out section


“Slide-Out” Design for  Search Evaluation Page

The search evaluations page has also received some new features.  They are detailed below:

  • Questions/Answers are now searchable from the Search Evaluations page

  • Interaction Date column has been added on Search Evaluations page

  • Multiple comments per question can now be made on evaluations


   “Slide-Out” Design for  Trending Report

  • The Evaluation Summary report is now also available from the slide out menu in the “Trending” report category when you are trending using “Single Score Metric”

  • The Slide-out panel on the “Trending” report is now available and is consistent with the rest of the reporting platform

  • The Slide-out is displayed by clicking an average inside the “Trending” report. It displays all the typical slide out panel sections: Call Details, Evaluation Details, Comments, Notes, Attachments


Evaluation Editor Page

Creating an evaluation has been enhanced with a new look and feel..  You can also organize the sections on this page to include/exclude: Call Details, Attachments, Overall Comments, Video (subscription required) and Evaluation Details.

Highlights include:

  • Settings ↦ Information Display ↦ Evaluate call allows you to configure the order the data is displayed in

  • Data fields are better organized on the right hand side and persists between the Voice Interactions page as well as the Media Playback Timeline views


Flexible and configurable data field presentation page

Quality Management now offers a powerful tool to customize displayed information.  This information includes, but is not limited to: the type of call, the customer, the result of the interaction, and much more.

  • Number of columns to be show is now limited to 15 to improve performance

  • No limit to the number of fields which can be shown on the Slide-Out view

  • Slide out design includes customizable, configurable details about Voice Interaction Data fields

  • Customers using QA forms also can customize the Evaluations View Page

  • Add and Remove columns system wide

  • Dragging and dropping columns has been deprecated for a column configuration menu

  • Users can also show/hide and order columns

  • Configure editable fields for Slide-Out data



Reporting has been completely redesigned from the ground up to include several key feature improvements.  Reports are more flexible than ever, and provide the user with thousands of combinations to display data.  In this Release, users will not receive “examples” of how these reports can be used.  The application will come preloaded with example reports which will demonstrate it’s capabilities.


General Reporting Features

The following new general reporting features are available in this release:

  • Unique, modern and fast “Pivot Table” style interface for Average and Trending Reports

  • New main Reports page allows for  individual users to save custom queries

  • Users can Save, View, Copy, Edit, Export or Delete custom reports without affecting the underlying data

  • Excel exporting on Average Score and Trending Reports optimizes the data format for Excel, as well as respects the conditional formatting and “Group By” rules set in the web view. (Office 2010 or greater required)

  • Conditional formatting on the reports allows each user to highlight data based on a simple formula (ex. “Average score is less than 50%, highlight blue”)

  • More intelligent print formatting and icon to print directly from the browser

  • Show or hide deactivated (inactive) agents to keep your lists relevant

  • New report layering ability allows for organizing and “layering” templates so exactly the same sections and questions can be combined for a better overall view  

  • Filtering allows for users to remove or add criteria making reports even more targeted

  • Organize the data in your reports by Label, Group, Agent, Supervisor, Evaluator, Trainer, Question, Section and Template

  • Basic Search highlights text or numbers in the report to find items quickly

  • Advanced search on reports allows for deeper filtering by data like GUID, for example, and adds even more operators like “is equal to” and “is not equal to”

  • All columns are sortable from A-Z

  • Option to show Average Call Duration and hire date

  • Slide-out panel design is consistent with the rest of the application

  • Slide-out is invoked by clicking on a single data point, a subtotal of a column, subtotal of a row, or the subtotal of a column or row displaying each individual record making up the data summary

  • Graphical Trending (where applicable) shows trends from 30, 60 and 90 days

  • Each single record on the slide-out allows for direct access to the individual’s “single evaluation report” which has also been re-designed

  • Reports can be arranged by “Human Only” allowing for reviewing data such as supervisor, Evaluator or trainer comparisons for better calibration sessions

  • Calibration Report is deprecated, as calibration of 2 or more users are now possible, and now allows for Trainer and Evaluator calibration as well

  • Voice Interaction playback “mini-player” is available on each evaluation record


Average Score Report powered by our web based pivot table

The web based pivot tables will make it easy for users to analyze data generated by the evaluation templates to achieve outstanding overall visibility to agent performance, supervisor and Evaluator “calibration”; which ensures Evaluators remain biased to possible variables in agent personalities and how they interact with customers.  

A majority the data retrieval requirements contact centers require will be covered, packed in a simplistic, easy to understand user experience.

In addition to the general reporting features, the Average Score Report adds the following features:

  • Smart data validation ensures users cannot configure report for combinations which aren’t possible (question before a section, for example)

  • Allows for nearly 100 total combinations.  These combinations are based on either total evaluation average, section average or question average

  • Users can display results based on “Averages” alone or “Averages (Count)” which will simply display the total number of records reported against

  • The application can invoke “Smart Validation” to show to users which metric is being counted, either total evaluation average, section average or question average

  • Support for swapping of Rows and Columns with a single click

  • “Group By” allows users to set any report dimension as the “high level category” which rows and columns are organized under

  • “Group By” allows for collapse and expand, yet continues to show the subtotals even in collapsed mode


Trending Report powered by our web based pivot table

The Trending Report using the pivot table approach makes it easy for the user to analyze and observe agent performance over time. The data will provide valuable knowledge for training and coaching, and will represent the base of the performance increasing process.  The trending report follows the same principles of the Average Score Report, however presents different options to display data, geared more towards trending that data.  In addition to the general reporting features, the trending report consists of:

  • The column option presents four date ranges for trending: Week, Month, Quarter and Year

  • Data can be shown in three ways: Average Score, Average Score (count), and Single Score

  • While using “Single Score” as a metric, results are displayed in columns based on date, and the order is customizable: Oldest to Newest or vice versa

  • In Single Score Mode, layer is automatically disabled


Improved Single Evaluation Report

Trending plays a significant role within Quality Management reporting. Now, the single evaluation report has been improved to display trending information. These forms have been redesigned to be printable to reduce paper waste.  We also allow certain data to be hidden from the forms, for compliance purposes.

The Single Evaluation Report has the following features

  • Settings page ↦ Reporting page allows you to set custom attributes on the reports

  • Settings page ↦ Reporting allows you to add signature line(s) as well as a custom signature line acknowledgement message

  • Settings page ↦ Reporting allows you to hide or show Evaluator, Trainer, and coaching hints when printed

  • Settings page ↦ Reporting allows you to hide or show additional details on the Single Evaluation View and also let’s you customize the order in which they appear

  • Enable trending by sections to be displayed with a 30, 60, 90 day view

  • Display/Hide agent trending, details, notes, overall comments, attachments or signature lines

  • Include up to three signature lines for Evaluator, Supervisor and Agent

  • Conditional Formatting for answers or metrics

  • “Cozy” webview, with “Compact” print view, making the results fit well on a screen, and well on a printed page


Evaluation S ummary Report  

The Evaluation Summary report gives valuable information about each evaluation the agent has in a given timeframe – what comments were made per question, points obtained, basic agent info, and score..

  • Agent Info and Points are optional columns that can be displayed by checking the option in the Report Edit Panel under the Add Columns dropdown

  • The Report layout is printer friendly


Deprecated Reports

This build has limited support for deprecated reports

  • Calibrated Evaluation Report is deprecated, as calibration of 2 or more users are now possible using the new reporting methods. It now allows for Trainer and Evaluator calibration as well

  • Consistency Report has been deprecated in this release because consistency is now viewable in the Trending Report and is also enhanced with conditional formatting

  • Agent Scores with Overall Comments has been deprecated and replaced by the Evaluation Summary Report

  • Single Evaluation Report is has been completely replaced with a new version

  • Multiple Evaluations for an agent has been deprecated.  To achieve the same result it’s now possible to export results from the Average Score Report when reporting against questions to see the number of Yes/No responses, for example.  In the web view, these are shown as tooltips

  • The Productivity Report has been deprecated because the Average Score Report and Trending reports can produce the same results

  • The Average Score Report has been replaced by Average Score Report


General / Administrative Features

The following general and administrative features are introduced with this release:

  • If you modify the system defined default role permissions, you now can revert to the default factory permission settings by selecting “Reset Permissions”

  • The generic warnings for missing permissions now display explicit information regarding missing permissions - you know exactly what’s missing

  • Interaction Media retention parameters are displayed on the System Summary page

  • Improvements to Groups and Roles to hide/show specific users

  • You can now apply user specific settings to an entire group of users.  This allows you to configure user default settings such as language or default QA template.  You can then “push” these to all users which are assigned to that group as “Main Group” members by selecting “Apply settings to group”.

  • Ability in Roles to show or hide inactive users in searches


Improvements for Screen Recording customers

For customers subscribed to the Quality Management Screen Recording functions**, we introduce the following features for this module:

  • Resizable video player area for an optimal view on any display

  • Screen Recorder version is now shown in the Screen Recorder Logs page

  • Improved Screen Recorder User Application

  • Pause video recording button added to the Screen Recorder User Application

  • Screen Recorder automatically stops the ongoing manual recording and starts a new recording if a new call is presented to the agent

  • The Screen Recorder User Application now considers when it receives a login request for the same agent ID on two separate machines


Known issues in this Release

  • ROC-339: Conditional formatting doesn't apply formatting color on the entire cell

  • ROC-336: "Open a Ticket" redirects you to an invalid link

  • ROC-333: Timeline doesn't load on Safari

Bug Fixes

This release includes several bug fixes as described below.

  • QMS-590: Limit CPU usage when transcoding on our backend servers

  • QMS-238: Active and Inactive users under the same agent_ID are generated incorrectly in CSV

  • QMS-878: Agents scores with Overall Comments .XLSX download does not work

  • QMS-868: Auto-Save function triggers wrong answer when evaluating a call

  • QMS-829: VCC/ODCC Transaction codes are missing

  • QMS-1289: Scattered hold events across the call when supervisors are live monitoring

  • QMS-1549: When done live monitoring in VCC/ODCC, QM changes from Red to Black before the recorded call ends

  • QMS-1264: In progress calls show on the calls when "Show in progress calls" in unchecked

  • QMS-1778: Interaction Date and Evaluated Date are not the same on the exported to excel document

  • QMS-1779: Mandatory columns are duplicated in the exported to excel document

  • QMS-1782: Expand/Collapse is not working on reports

  • QMS-1783: Conditional Formatting should be case insensitive

  • QMS-1828: The evaluations' number from excel does not correspond with the evaluations' number from the Search Evaluations page

  • QMS-1833: Print function is not working on Average Score report

  • QMS-1834: In Advanced Search the suggestions are in lowercase

  • QMS-1836: Button Label in groups for resetting user values isn't clear

  • QMS-1835: Sharing is not working

  • QMS-2065: Information Display now requires Interaction Date and Agent Name as default mandatory values instead of Updated Date, Dialed Number.

  • QMS-2066: WalkMe user variables are now exposed

  • QMS-2037: When checkboxes' names in tree selectors are clicked the sections are collapsed

  • QMS-2061: [Timeline] When slide out panel is not enabled, Timeline is not visible - FIREFOX ONLY

  • QMS-2064: In Side Panel, Evaluation Summary report, the comments and agent details are not displayed correctly

  • QMS-2053: The percentages are not displayed properly

  • QMS-2067: Evaluation Summary report, Side Panel doesn't display the call details and the evaluation details

  • QMS-2070: In Single Report, only a single color can be checked in Conditional Formatting


Impact on existing permissions

Users need permissions to use newly implemented features.  At deployment, to ensure that users do not receive error messages for modifications to new or existing features, we automatically apply “Allow” permissions to ALL USERS for the following role permissions: Administrator, Supervisor, Auditor, Manager. 

To use the improved labels:

Users now have allow ADD_LABEL permissions to create a new label and the DELETE_LABEL permission to erase an existing label.  

To use the multiple user comments feature:

Users now have allow SEARCH_COMMENTS and ADD_COMMENTS permissions.

To view and add comments:

Users now have allow UPDATE_COMMENTS and UPDATE_ALL_COMMENTS to change an already written comment and DELETE_COMMENTS and DELETE_ALL_COMMENTS to remove comments.  

Administrators should adjust user permissions after deployment if a different role permission policy is required.


LA Definitions

These release notes constitute a release.  Unless otherwise stated in “Known Issues” section, this  version is deemed to be customer ready and defect free to the best of our knowledge. The release includes the following additions:

  • Bug fixes found and resolved in this Stage

  • Documentation and training materials are not available in this stage.  Please discuss with your account representative if your system is deployed in Limited Availability /this stage

  • Support via normal 8x8 support processes is limited by region or customer subset


General Availability

  • General Availability will include all of the above, but also add the following items:

  • Comprehensive Training Materials built into Quality Management for Users, Evaluators, Supervisors and Agents

  • Sales enablement material for partners, resellers and internal sales staff

  • Worldwide availability

  • Support via normal 8x8 support processes

  • Application, training and documentation is available in all required languages


Quality Management Documentation for releases is not yet available until “GA” status.

Troubleshooting and Getting Help

For additional information and assistance, please reference your assigned Subject Matter Expert or Deployment Engineering Resource.