You can use your phone's keypad to perform several tasks. See the list of keypad shortcuts below to learn how to make calls, place calls on hold, forward calls, and more.

Keypad Commands

F refers to the Flash key.

* refers to the "star" (asterisk) key.

  • F1 - Hold / Make a new call
  • *1 - Retrieve from Hold
  • F* - Alternate between two calls / Retrieve a new incoming call
  • F4 - Join other two parties / Supervised transfer (also known as 2-step transfer)
  • F5 XXX - Blind transfer (also known as 1-step transfer) to extension XXX
  • *5 XXX - Pick up an incoming call to specific extension XXX from your own extension
  • *8 - Turn DND on
  • *9 - Turn DND off
  • *2 XXXX - Set "Always Forward to XXXX" rule
  • *3 - Remove the "Always Forward" rule
  • F7 - Add a party to a call for a 3-way conference
  • F7* - Drop added party from a 3-way conference
  • F8 - Join the two other parties in a 3-way conference
  • 594 - Forward incoming call directly to voicemail