In an effort to ensure your services and account information are protected with the highest priority, as well as to comply with FCC regulations, 8x8 Support exercises strict measures to identify callers into our help line.

What do I need to request Support over the phone?

When you call 8x8 Support to request account information (aka Customer Proprietary Network Information or CPNI), or for a change to be made on your behalf, you will be asked for a passphrase as well as your first and last name in order for us to assist you.

Note: Simple or general questions that do not require specific account information or changes can typically be answered without the need for passphrase and privilege identifcation. Please note that answers to these types of questions are available here online.

What if I don't know my passphrase or I don't have the right privileges?

If you are unable to verify your identity via passphrase or secondary means, our agents will still do their best to walk you through where you might make changes to your systems and services on your own.

What if I create a Support case or chat online?

You only need to complete identity verification when contacting 8x8 Support over the phone. Cases submitted via web or chat are done so after login, which fulfills verification requirements. Chat agents will still confirm user privileges before fulfilling certain requests. If a call back from Support is needed in response to an online case, this may also require identity verification.

How can I make sure my Support needs are taken care of? 

In order to make your 8x8 Support experience as smooth as possible, we highly recommend you:

  • Set a passphrase for yourself in Account Manager (primary and secondary account admins) or the Virtual Office Desktop application (end users).
  • Ensure you and your users have the appropriate access privileges assigned in Account Manager (such as Phone System and Billing).
  • Ensure user profiles have a proper first and last name instead of a generic filler name, such as ABC Company or Extension User. (Edit admin profiles | Edit end user profiles)
  • Carefully manage and regularly audit your 8x8 system users to ensure no one that has left the company continues to have access or authorization to contact 8x8 on the company’s behalf.
  • Have a plan in case admins leave your company. Ensure someone always has Account Manager access and knows the primary account passphrase -- and change the passphrase as soon as the primary admin leaves.
  • Familiarize yourself and your admin users with Account Manager, as well as the 8x8 Support Knowledge Base. You can easily make most changes on your own without waiting for assistance.
  • Request support online instead of over the phone – it’s easy to do, you’ll never wait on hold, and Support will call you back if needed.

What can happen if I don't take steps to secure my account?

At best, 8x8 Support may be unable to easily and positively confirm the idenity and authority of callers requesting assistance with your services, making the process of getting help take longer.

At worst, loose management of passphrase and privileges -- and the users who have them -- can leave your system vulnerable to unauthorized billing and call routing changes that can damage your business and expose you to fraud. Whether due to internal misunderstanding (such as an inadvertently creating a call loop or misconfiguring extensions) or malicious intent (such as a former employee joining a compettitor and purposely routing your calls away), access and management of your 8x8 system should be monitored and handled by specifically privileged personnel that can be positively identified by 8x8 Phone Support.

We look forward to continuing to serve you as securely and efficiently as possible, and appreciate you working with us as we do.