When you log in to access the 8x8 Support Knowledge Base, you see a warning message that reads: Note for Virtual Office and Virtual Contact Center Editions users: Currently, only primary administrators have access to view and create cases via the GET SUPPORT button.

On clicking Get Support from the My Support sidebar to view or submit a case online, you encounter the following error:

Problem Logging In - We can’t log you in because of the following error. REGISTRATION_HANDLER_ERROR: Sorry, we are still updating your account privileges. It may take up to an hour to complete this process. Please try again later.


The account you are using to access 8x8 Support is associated with Virtual Office and/or Virtual Contact Center Editions services. Currently, those services only allow Support access by the primary account administrator. Secondary admins and end users do not have this privilege.

Resolution in Progress

Improvements are actively being made to provide online support access to both primary and secondary account administrators.

In the meantime, only primary adminstrators are able to chat or create/view web cases online via GET SUPPORT.

Click here for additional contact options for all other users.