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Look here for information on how to set up and use your 8x8 Virtual Contact Center Global service, including user guides, reference manuals, and more.

Feature Highlights

  • Global Reach – Virtual Contact Center houses all your agents on a single platform and on a single tenant, irrespective of their geographic location.
  • Agent Whisper – The ability for contact center supervisors to barge in to active calls between agents and customers, listen in, coach, or train agents live.
  • Automatic Monitoring – Allows you to persistently monitor an agent through multiple calls without having to re-select the agent for each call.
  • In-Queue Treatments and Controls – We have introduced capabilities that improve caller experience while waiting to be served in a queue. Using enhanced IVR objects, you can now engage callers waiting in a queue by playing multiple prompts or announcing the call's position in the queue, and better yet, offer a choice to be called back.
  • Queued Callback – Allows callers waiting in a call queue to opt out of the queue and be called back when an agent becomes available.


What's New? Technical Requirements and Recommendations

Check out the features and enhancements in our latest release.

Prepare your network and agent workstations to interoperate with your Virtual Contact Center.

For Administrators For Agents

Learn how to configure your contact center and get it running quickly.

Learn how to process contact center interactions using phone, chat, and email channels.

For Supervisors CRM Integrations

Learn how to manage and monitor your contact center agents using tools designed in your Supervisor Console.

We integrate with external CRMs such as Salesforce, NetSuite, Zendesk, and more. Learn how to integrate your contact center with the CRM of your choice.

VoIP Configuration & Setup For Developers

Set up your SIP-based phone to work with Virtual Contact Center.

Check out our APIs.

Additional Resources

In addition to the resources described above, we have published separate versions of the following core guides for customers using 8x8 Unified Login and Unified Login with Virtual Office.

Virtual Contact Center 9.4 Unified Login: For Virtual Contact Center customers who have opted for 8x8 Unified Login.

Virtual Contact Center 9.4 Unified Login with Virtual Office: For Virtual Contact Center customers who have opted for 8x8 Unified Login with Virtual Office features.

Previous Releases

Virtual Contact Center 8.1

Virtual Contact Center 8.4