You are logged in to Virtual Office Online, but are unable to start or join a Virtual Office Meeting. (It doesn't matter if you created the meeting, or another user did.) Upon attempting to join a meeting, the page displays the Connecting... message and spinning icon indefinitely.


This issue is being investigated for a fix.


8x8 users are able to utilize our Virtual Office Desktop software to not only make and receive phone calls and instant messages, but also create, host and join Virtual Office Meetings.*

Download and install the Virtual Office Desktop application.

*Note: Creating and hosting Virtual Office Meetings requires a subscribtion to the Virtual Office Pro service.

If you are unable to download and install the Virtual Office Desktop application, consult the Virtual Office Meeting Help page for additional options at

  • Select Join Online
  • Please note, while you can view shared content and chat with meeting participants, you will not be able to share your screen or join any video conferencing.