8x8 Virtual Office Desktop (VOD) allows you to answer or end calls, and mute or adjust volume, using controls on your headset. This feature is designed for VOD users with Plantronics USB wired or wireless headsets or speakerphones who need to take calls from anywhere in their home or office. 


  • Windows XP SP3 or later.
  • Compatible Plantronics USB headsets or speakerphones:
    • Blackwire 300, 435, 500, 700 Series 
    • Calisto 240, 620, 800 Series
    • Savi 400, 700 Series
    • Voyager Legend UC
    • Full List


  1. Plug a compatible USB headset or speakerphone into your Windows PC.
  2. Log in to Virtual Office Desktop.
  3. Click Virtual Office in the top navigation bar and select  Preferences. You can also navigate to your Preferences by selecting the More Options icon (Three dots).
    • Note: Do you see other options in your Virtual Office Desktop settings? Download the most recent version of Virtual Office Desktop for PC (Windows) or Mac (OS X). Go to Virtual Office > Settings and check the box next to Switch to New Experience.

  4. Go to Audio & Video.
  5. ​Verify your headset is shown under Device.​ ​

  1. When a phone call is received, you should hear ringing in your headset or speakerphone and can answer the call by pressing the device's Call button.
  2. Pressing the device's Volume and Mute buttons should adjust the Virtual Office Desktop audio levels accordingly. 
  3. Pressing the device's Call button should hang up the call.