When you are logged into the 8x8 Salesforce integration communication panel (the dialer), inbound and outbound calls do not generate a tab or window pop for the associated phone number.


The most common causes for not receiving a screen pop from the 8x8 Salesforce integration are:

  • Popups are disabled in the web browser
  • The web browser cache is corrupted
  • The 8x8 communication panel is incorrectly configured
  • The called or calling phone number is not associated with a supported Salesforce object
  • The supported Salesforce object has been disabled for search
  • Phone numbers in Salesforce are assigned to a Person Account
  • Salesforce Phone field customization has broken the integration's call search ability

Pop-Up Settings

The 8x8 Salesforce integration relies on window or tab pops, so browser popups must be enabled for call pops to work properly.

Please verify that popups are enabled/allowed in the web browser settings:

Browser Cache

Your web browser's cache may possiblly be corrupted with invalid information. This can easily be fixed by performing one of the following:

As a test, try logging in to a different web browser, either on the same computer or on a different computer. This can help determine where the problem is if clearing the browser cache fails to resolve the issue.

Virtual Office Salesforce Integration 1.x

For the older 8x8 Salesforce integration, make sure that Ready is selected. If Not Ready is selected, the communication panel will not respond to inbound or outbound calls.

Virtual Office for Salesforce (Integration 2.0)

  1. Navigate to Menu > Settings > Behavior.
  2. Ensure both of the following are enabled:
    • Screen pop on inbound call: Ringing or Connected
    • Pop a record during a call

  3. Click Save and Close.



Phone Number Associations

If the called or calling phone number is not associated with a supported Salesforce object, calls will typically display as "Unknown" in the communication panel, and there will be no tab or window pop.

Verify that the phone number involved is assigned to a standard, supported Salesforce object. It must be correctly listed in a phone number field.

Only the following Salesforce objects are supported:

  • Contact
  • Opportunity
  • Account
  • Lead
  • Case

Note: FAX phone fields are not supported by the integration in any Salesforce object.

Search Support

It's possible the supported Salesforce object has been disabled for search. In the communication panel Setup, search for supported Salesforce objects must be enabled 

If a phone number exists only in Salesforce objects (such as Contacts) that search has been disabled for, no screen pop will occur for that number.

Salesforce objects supported for search by both old and new 8x8 Virtual Office integrations are:

  • Contact
  • Opportunity
  • Account
  • Lead
  • Case

In the older communication panel (left), the search options are found in the Settings (gear icon) / Search Object Type

In the newest communication panel (right), these options are found in More / Settings / CRM Objects to search

Person Accounts

It's possible that phone numbers in Salesforce are assigned to a Person Account. Person Accounts are a rare type of Salesforce object that have been converted from Contacts by Salesforce itself, at customer request.

Salesforce Person Accounts are not (and will not be) supported by the 8x8 Salesforce integration, and will not pop records on inbound or outbound phone calls.

Phone Fields

If the Salesforce Phone fields in a supported object (such as Contacts) have been significantly customized, phone numbers for inbound and outbound calls could fail to be recognized by the 8x8 integration, and will not pop a tab or window.

Changes like this are made by a Salesforce administrator/developer, and cannot be resolved by an end user without Salesforce Administrator role access.

Note that simply re-naming the Phone field label does not normally break this function.