Exclusively for 8x8 customer use, the 8x8 Network Monitoring Tool helps you measure your network performance over time, relative to Virtual Office phone service. Examining latency, packet loss and jitter over your network on a sustained time frame of one to several days, it can uncover time-of-day events which may be missed in other network tests.

You will need to contact 8x8 Technical Support to obtain a license key to activate the Network Monitoring Tool. Please consult your 8x8 Support representative to review and interpret results.



  1. Contact 8x8 Technical Support to obtain a product activation key (required). Once registered, this key cannot be reused by anyone else.
  2. Download or open the User Guide in a new browser window for reference.
  3. On a computer on the network on which you are using (or intend to use) your 8x8 service, download the Network Monitoring Tool software.
  4. Run the application.
  5. Work with your 8x8 Technical Support representative to review the results and make any recommended adjustments.