Users of the legacy Salesforce, NetSuite, or Zendesk Virtual Office integrations may receive the message 406: Error Occured when attempting to log in to their communication panel..

This prevents the user from logging in to the Virtual Office communication panel.

Note: For users whose accounts are on the Configuration Manager platform, all older, legacy integrations will fail with the 406 error at login. At this time only the latest Salesforce, NetSuite, and Zendesk integrations are supported on Configuration Manager.


The two most likely causes for this issue are:

  1. A password mismatch between Virtual Office and the legacy integration authentication
  2. The Virtual Office account is on the Configuration Manager platform, and the user is attempting to use a legacy integration.

To temporarily resolve this issue for non-Configuration Manager users, the user should:

  1. Reset their Virtual Office password, which can be done by clicking Forgot Password in the Virtual Office Desktop (VOD) login panel.

  2. Log in to VOD to verify that the new password works in Virtual Office.
  3. Log in to the integration communication panel to verify that the new password works there.
  4. If login to the integration still fails with a 406 error, clear the browser cache and cookies.

If this procedure fails, please refer to the second resolution to upgrace your Virtual Office integration.

No resolution? Create a case with 8x8 Technical Support.

If you're using a legacy 8x8 Virtual Office integration for Salesforce, NetSuite, or Zendesk, update to the latest version, no matter which platform your service is on.

Follow the appropriate link below to install the next generation 8x8 Virtual Office integration for your CRM: