After successfully installing the VO for Salesforce Analytics application in Salesforce, you only see the My Employee View from the 8x8 Analytics tab, instead of My Team View.

  • My Employee View is a user's view of their own 8x8 VO Salesforce Analytics data
  • My Team View is a high-level view of group data assigned to the manager in question


This problem occurs when Salesforce users are not assigned to a manager.


For you to see My Team View in VO Salesforce Analytics, at least one Salesforce user must have you assigned as their Manager in their user profile.

To assign users to yourself
  1. Navigate to user data from SetupManage Users / Users / Edit / Approver Settings
  2. Add the user name to the Manager field of each user and click Save.
To have users not locked out of selecting a manager assign you
  1. Click on the Salesforce User Menu (name in the top right corner)
  2. Select My Settings / Personal / Approver Settings / Manager
  3. Search for and add manager to the Manager field, and click Save.

Once this is completed, you will see My Team View and data for all correctly associated users when accessing the 8x8 Analytics tab in Salesforce.