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Ask the Experts: The 8x8 Directly Expert Community
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Ask the Experts: The 8x8 Directly Expert Community

8x8's Directly Expert Community is a group of 8x8 power users who know the ins and outs of 8x8 products and services, and are happy to assist with basic system setup or application navigation.

Community Experts Offer A Quick Help Channel

8x8 seeks to provide solutions to your service needs swiftly and thoroughly. To accomplish this, we offer a variety of communication channels. Our users can submit cases directly through our support portal, chat with 8x8 Support agents, or pick up the phone if needed. Knowing that our users want service needs addressed as promptly as possible, we have partnered with Directly to provide quick answers to basic product and service how-to questions.

The Directly Expert Community is comprised of 8x8 power users—customers and partners—like yourself. These experts know the ins and outs of 8x8 products and services, and are happy to assist fellow users with basic system setup or application navigation. If you find that you need deeper troubleshooting on an issue, Experts can direct your need to an 8x8 Support agent to work with you.

Directly Experts interact with 8x8 users in two ways:

  1. Through how-to questions submitted when a user creates a case.
  2. Via our Ask the Experts messaging feature found near the bottom of any Knowledge Base page or article.

Community Experts tend to respond in less than five minutes, and are typically available 24x7. Our users have found this to be a highly satisfying experience because they can receive a quick answer and get back to business operations with no interruption. If you are interacting with an Expert and find that the answers do not meet your needs, you can choose to redirect your question to 8x8 Technical Support.


What can Community Experts help me with?

Need help setting up your voicemail or scheduling a Virtual Office Meeting? Have a question about getting an integration going? Our Directly Expert Community is here to help! Experts can provide advice on general how-to, setup, or best-practice questions for Virtual Office and Virtual Contact Center.

Please note that Experts are not 8x8 employees, and cannot access customer accounts or services, make account changes, or assist with specific billing or cancellation requests. If you need to cancel your services or have questions about a specific open case, please contact 8x8 Technical Support. 

Please do not provide Directly Experts any personally identifiable information such as your phone number, passphrase, payment details, or account information.

Can I be an 8x8 Expert?

Sorry, at this time, our network of Experts is at full capacity.


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