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Chat with 8x8 Support Agent
8x8 Support

Chat with 8x8 Support Agent

Chatting with 8x8 Support

Need to chat with an 8x8 Support agent? Click the red button at the bottom of this article, or create a case for 8x8 Chat Support.

Please Note:

  • Chat is available only for Virtual Office and Virtual Contact Center issues.
  • Chat is not available for our ContactNow, Quality Management, or Residential products. Be sure to select the product you are experiencing an issue with from the Which 8x8 Product? drop-down.
IMPORTANT: Be sure to enable pop-ups in your browser (Firefox | Chrome) to launch the 8x8 chat window. 

Create a New Case for Chat

  1. In the upper right corner of the knowledge base, click Get Support. You will be taken to your Support Portal home page.
  2. Click Cases and select New Case to begin creating a new case. You will see a form that is pre-populated with your name, company name, and contact information.
    • Note: If your contact information is incorrect, ask your account administrator to update it in Account Manager or Configuration Manager. If you are experiencing multiple issues, please create a separate case for each issue. Cancellation requests must be submitted to 8x8 Support over the phone.
  3. Complete all required fields on the Create a Case form, including a detailed description of the issue you are experiencing.
  4. To chat about your issue, click Start a Chat. The page will refresh to show your new case, and the 8x8 pre-chat form will open in a pop-up window.
  5. Provide your Case Number in the pre-chat form.
  6. Click Send.

Chat About An Existing Case

If you have an open Virtual Office or Virtual Contact Center case, you can chat about your case with an 8x8 Support agent.

  1. In the upper right corner of the knowledge base, click Get Support. You will be taken to your Support Case home page.
  2. Click Cases and select View Cases.
  3. To chat about open VO or VCC cases, click the Case Number in the list of open cases.
  4. To the right of the case details, click Chat About This Case to chat with an 8x8 Support agent about your case.
  5. The 8x8 pre-chat form will open in a pop-up window. Complete the form, being sure to include your Case Number.
  6. Click Send to initiate the chat.
Note: For more details on how to view information for previously submitted cases, see Viewing and Managing Cases in the 8x8 Support Portal.

Chat About General Topics

When you need a quick, general answer or solution, try the button Click here to chat with 8x8 Support at the bottom of this and most pages in the Knowledge Base.

Need account-specific help or information? For the easiest and most secure experience, we recommend logging in and chatting from a new or existing support case.

Did the chat pop-up not appear?

Please enable pop-ups for this page in your browser (Firefox | Chrome). Then on the case page, click Chat about this Case to get started.

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