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How do I schedule or reschedule my call with Implementation?
8x8 Support

How do I schedule or reschedule my call with Implementation?


Scheduling your first call with Implementation.

Applies To

All new customers looking to schedule their implementation call for assistance with system setup.


You should have already received an email similar to the one below. If you can't find it, try searching for "8x8 Implementation Group" in the inbox of the email address provided to 8x8. You should see an email from

Example of Scheduling Email.png

  1. Click Click To Schedule.
    Click Here to Schedule Button.png
  2. A browser window will open. Here you can pick a day and time for your appointment.
  3. Below that you will see the contact information we have for you, and the option to invite another party. (Please note this training is for admins only, so your end users will not be a part of this session.)
  4. Click Schedule Meeting to finalize your time.
  5. You will receive a new confirmation email that will include the calendar event and an option to reschedule at any time prior to the appointment.
    Time Trade Reminder Reschedule highlight.png