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Placing a Call with 8x8 Work for Slack Integration


Making a phone call using the 8x8 Work for Slack integration.


Please note that the Meetings feature of the Slack integration has been deprecated. You will still be able to initiate phone calls from Slack, through 8x8 Work for Desktop, but the /meet feature will no longer function.

Applies To

  • Slack
  • Virtual Office for Slack Integration


Before you begin, ensure that the Slack integration is installed.

  1. On the Slack channel for which you have enabled the 8x8 Work for Slack integration, type /8x8call followed by the phone number you want to dial.
  2. Press Enter.

Slack Place Call.jpg

  1. If prompted, click Login to 8x8 and enter your 8x8 user credentials.

​​​​​​​Slack Login to 8x8.jpg

  1. Your call will be initiated and will be dialed through 8x8 Work for Desktop.

​​​​​​​Slack Call Initiated.jpg

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