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How to Set Forwarding Rules in 8x8 Work for Desktop in 8x8 Express


Set forwarding rules for calls in Work for Desktop.

Applies To

  • Work for Desktop



Beginning with Work for Desktop 7.9, the 8x8 Account Settings app is a mandatory download to configure/adjust the settings below for Non-X Series users. To download this app, click here.

Forwarding rules for all calls directed to your own extension can be set within Work for Desktop and Work for Mobile.

X Series

  1. Open Work for Desktop.
  2. Select Settings > Account Settings.
  3. Navigate to Call Forwarding Rules.
  4. Check or uncheck any boxes as needed to turn on or off the default Call Forwarding Rules.
  5. To create a custom forwarding rule, select +Add New Rule.
    Screen Shot 2021-07-30 at 12.09.01 PM.png
  6. Complete all details for the custom rule.Screen Shot 2021-07-30 at 12.10.45 PM.png
  7. Select Save.

Be sure your forwarding rules do not conflict with any rules set in Account Manager, 8x8 Admin Console, or on your deskphone.

Video Guide

Watch a demonstration of how to use Call Forwarding in Work for Desktop and Work for Mobile.


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