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How to Identify 8x8 Meet participants


To help identify the different types of 8x8 Meet participants.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Admin Console
  • 8x8 Meet


Since 8x8 Meet allows multiple participants to join; using 8x8 Apps, Supported Browsers, and Phone. 8x8 Meetings Analytics uses 4 different identification methods for each participant. This article will provide necessary information of each participants platform during the meeting.


  1. Login to 8x8 Admin Console: Here 
  2. Navigate to 8x8 Meetings Analytics (How-to)
  3. Enter your ConfID or UserID (How-to)
  4. Scroll to locate the participant list

Meetings Analytics Participant Types:

You will find the participants list within the General section tab of the Meetings Analytics details tab after selecting the conference from Conference Listing tab

  1. Registered – These are participants in the conference who joined using their 8x8 Work Desktop or Mobile, 8x8 Meet app and have an email address linked with an 8x8 Work extension or 8x8 Meet Account
  2. Phone  – These are participants who joined the conference using the dial in number and conference ID. They use the Jigasi component and will show with “Jigasi” in front of the Caller ID and also include the number used.
  3. Browser – These are participants who joined using the any supported browser and manually entered their name, they will appear with as a randomly generated name with another randomly generated 3 character suffix. (once the generated ID, it becomes the permanent identifier for that computer unless they use the 8x8 Apps.)
  4. Recording  – This identifier is listed as Jibri on the participant list if the meeting was recorded.
Note-Icon.png The 4 types of participants may not be present at all times, it will vary by meeting and what the participants used to join the meeting.