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Manage Your Video Quality in 8x8 Video Meetings


Track participant connection strength and manage the quality of your inbound and outbound video to improve meeting performance, ensuring the best possible meeting experience.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Work Meetings


To monitor participant connection strength:

If you notice that the quality of your (or another participant’s) video or microphone audio is poor, you can hover over the Connection icon on a participant's tile to view the strength of their connection to the meeting which could also be due to the local network issue.

  • If the source of another participant's problem is clear, you can advise the participant accordingly.
  • If you see that your own connection is experiencing a drop in strength, consider changing your meeting video quality to improve your meeting experience.

To manage your inbound and outbound meeting video quality:

  1. Click the More Actions icon to open a menu of advanced meeting controls and options.
  2. From the menu, click Manage video quality to open meeting quality controls.
    3 dots.png
  3. In the quality controls, select a video quality level from high, standard, or low, or audio-only to manage your meeting experience as needed. This affects the quality of the inbound participant video that you see, and the quality of the outbound video that participants see of you.
    video quality.png

Additional Information

If any participant experiences poor audio and video, it indicates their network is not providing enough bandwidth for the 8x8 Application that is required to run smoothly.

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