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Auto Attendant Not Routing to Ring Group Correctly


My Auto Attendant is not routing to my Ring Group correctly.

Applies To

  • Admin Console
  • Auto Attendant
  • Ring Group


  1. Home Auto Attendants.
  2. To the right of the desired Auto Attendant, select Edit.
  3. Scroll to Call Handling Menus.
  4. Under Main Menu on the desired schedule, select Edit Settings.
  5. Under Number of seconds the system should wait before taking next action, ensure it is set to 3 seconds (and not 0).
  6. Click Save.


Having a 0 setting under action does not give the Auto Attendant enough time to correctly pass the call to a Ring Group and will cause the call to hang up.

Additional Information

Typically this issue occurs when forwarding to an overflow ring group where the primary ring group is busy.

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