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Configuring Other SAML 2.0 SSO Providers


Configuring SAML SSO Provider in 8x8 Admin Console.

Applies To

  • SAML SSO Providers (IdP)
  • SAML 2.0


Set up SAML in your Identity Provider (IdP) System

  1. Follow your SAML Identity Provider's instructions for adding a Service provider.
  2. If your SAML provider requests for an ACS (Assertion Consumer Service) URL or audience, use
  3. Set the subject type to Email.

Set up SSO in 8x8 Admin Console

  1. In Admin Console, go to HomeIdentity Management.
  2. Select Single Sign on (SSO) as your authentication method. 8x8 Username and Password is also selected by default. You can choose to log in with 8x8 username, Single Sign-On, or both.
  3. Enable Other SAML SSO Provider as your SSO provider.
  4. Add a new SAML SSO Provider Name. (Identity Provider's Name)
  5. Enter the SAML Settings including:
    • The identity provider's Login URL
    • Logout URL
    • IdP Issuer URL/URN
    • Upload the certificate in PEM format
  6. Save your changes.

Define Federation ID in User Records in 8x8 Admin Console

  1. In Admin Console, go to Home > Users.
  2. Select a user record to edit, under Single Sign-On (SSO), populate the Federated ID with the user' s email address 
  3. Save your changes.
  4. You can also define Federated ID while creating users in bulk.
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