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Cloud Storage Service Public API filtering objects by createdTime


How to filter objects based on the createdTime in the Cloud Storage Service Public API 

Applies To

  • Cloud Storage Service Public API 


The API is expecting an EPOCH milliseconds Timestamp

This API is designed with filtering capabilities using Feed Item Query Language (FIQL) filter expressions.
FIQL introduces simple and composite operators which can be used to build basic and complex queries.
If the filter is not specified, all objects are returned. The following are basic FIQL operators:

  • == - Equal to
  • != - Not equal to
  • =gt= - Greater than
  • =ge= - Greater or equal to
  • =lt= - Less than
  • =le= - Less or equal to These six operators can be used to different types of simple queries.


For example to return objects with a createdTime Greater or equal to 01-01-2021 01:00:00(UTC) from the uk storage region:


Additional Information

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