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Why is the longest waiting call in queue 10 mins but when I called in I got answered after 3 mins?


Why does the longest waiting call in queue not seem to get answered and keep waiting for an available agent? When I call the queue I only waited 3 minutes but the longest waiting call is now showing waiting 11 minutes. How could that happen?

Applies To

  • 8x8 Call queues


The most common reason for calls continuing to wait to be answered is because of logged in agents not answering calls.
When the longest waiting call is presented to available agent #1 it is removed from the queue and the next longest waiting call becomes the first in queue for the next available agent. If agent #2 logs in or becomes available then that call is presented to the new agent. Meanwhile the first call is still ringing agent #1 who is not at their desk or simply not answering. That call is then pulled back into the queue and remains the longest waiting call. See example below.


To help identify this scenario administrators should utilize Analytics for 8x8 Work and open Call Queue-->Queue Detail
Below is an example of one day where a business was receiving complaints from callers that they were experiencing excessive wait times. The report shows Total Inbound calls that rang the agents phone because they were logged in and available, along with the Total Answered Calls of those presented. 


The longest waiting call on the day for the report above was 33 minutes but a test call by the administrator into this same queue was answered after 6 minutes. The problem was exasperated by the multiple agents not answering. The longest waiting call was jumping from one non-answering agent to the next non-answering agent thus never getting answered but continuing to show an increasing longest wait time in queue.

If Agents are not available to take calls they should log out of the queue to prevent callers waiting unnecessary excessive wait times.