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User Not Able to Pickup Call for Assigned BLF


User not able to pick up an incoming call for the assigned BLF key(s).

Applies To

  • Admin Console
  • BLF


Caution-Icon.png Note: This process will need to be completed for the phone with the BLF keys, and for the extension the user is unable to answer. This process will delete the user's voicemail. Be sure to archive all voicemails prior to applying the resolution.
  1. Back up all extension details (assigned DID, BLF key assignments, License, MAC address, etc).
  2. Deactivate the phone. Click Save.
  3. Remove the license. Click Save.
  4. Deactivate the user.
  5. Delete User. Click Save.
  6. Add the user and the user's information (First, Last name, email address, username). Click Save.
  7. Add the desired license.
  8. Add phone information such as DID, Ext#, then click Save.
  9. Add the phone device, model.
  10. Click Activate using MAC ID.
  11. Reboot phone. After the phone has fully rebooted, check the status on the BLF phone to see if the refreshed user icon is online.
  12. Place a test call to the affected extension and try to pick up the call from the BLF assigned pickup phone.

If the issue persists, click here.


Possible corrupted user profile.

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