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Make a Call Option Dials Random Number When Selected


When selecting the "Make a call" option in Virtual Office Desktop (Calls>Make a call or Ctrl+Shift+8 for Windows and Ctrl+Command+8 for Mac) the dial pad comes up and attempts to dial what appears to be an arbitrary number. It may not even be a full 10 digit phone number.

Applies To

  • Virtual Office Desktop


Note that this is working as intended.  If the user wants to prevent this specific behavior and just have the dial pad brought up, they will either have to bring up the dial pad manually or make sure the copy/paste buffer is either empty or currently does not contain a numerical value. 


"Make a call" will take what is in the copy/paste buffer to input in the dial pad and make a call.  This is by design and occurs in both Windows and MAC OS.
        If the buffer contains only numerical values, Virtual Office Desktop will attempt to use that to make a call.
            Example:  "38457"
            Virtual Office Desktop will dial: "38457"
        If the buffer contains alphanumeric values (and/or special characters), Virtual Office Desktop will "clean it up" and use only the numbers to make a call.
            Example: 8a9v5c1;
            Virtual Office Desktop will dial: "8951"

        If the buffer contains only alphabetical values and/or special characters, Virtual Office Desktop will attempt to "clean it up" but because there are no numerical values,         it will not attempt to make a call and will only display the dial pad.
            Example: Helloworld!
            Virtual Office Desktop will not attempt to dial and only display the the dial pad.