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Changing Outbound Caller ID in 8x8 Work Desktop


How to change outbound caller ID in 8x8 Work Desktop.

Applies To

8x8 Work Desktop


  1. From 8x8 Work, click on the user avatar on the top-left sectionclipboard_e2926540dba8f004b28e10901f8100a5c.png
  2. To the right of "Caller ID" section click on the drop-down arrow to select external caller IDclipboard_e84f6fde0584202420d15de9f514000b6.png
  3. You can also select "Block Caller ID" if you do not want to display caller ID. This will appear to the destination as "blocked" or "anonymous"
  4. If you cannot make any selections to your caller ID then your admin has locked your extension to a specific number/caller ID.
Note-Icon.png Note: the destination carrier may not have updated caller ID records if the phone number that is selected in VOD has not been updated recently. This is not an 8x8 issue. Destination carriers update their caller ID (CNAME) database on their own timeline. 8x8 cannot dictate or request frequency of when destination carriers update their database.We can only update and confirm our CNAME database is correct and accurate.
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