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How to Enable Chat Room Notifications in 8x8 Work for Desktop


Enable chat room notificaitons in Work for Desktop.

Applies To

  • Work for Desktop
  • Group / Room Chat


In a chat room under the Messages tab, click the button next to the room name to change your notification settings for that chat room.

  • If you are currently Following a chat room: Hover over the button to reveal the Unfollow label, and click the button to receive notifications only for messages where you are mentioned.
  • If see the option to Follow a chat room: Click the button to receive notifications for all messages in the chat room.



Note: If you are following a group / room chat, the button will turn Blue, as per the example above.

Additional Information

Users can choose how frequently they receive notifications for the room. With Team Messaging, users can toggle between receiving notifications for all messages in the room or, if they receive too many notifications for discussions that are not relevant to them, they can choose to receive notifications only when they are mentioned in the chat room.

Chat notification settings are unique to each room users have access to.

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