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Using a 3rd Party SMS Provider with 8x8 Services


Setting up a 3rd party SMS provider.

Applies To

  • X Series
  • 8x8 Admin Console
  • US Local and Toll Free Numbers



 If these solutions do not work, 8x8 cannot provide any troubleshooting assistance as 3rd party SMS is not supported.

  1. When a number is assigned to a user, 8x8 will automatically set up the SMS service. The following scenarios detail out possible solutions to prevent that service from being setup:
    • Assign the numbers you'd like to use with a 3rd party SMS provider to an Auto Attendant, Ring Group, or Call Queue.
    • If the number is a Toll free number, 8x8 does not provision SMS services automatically.
    • Assign the numbers you'd like to use with a 3rd party SMS provider "Additional Phone Numbers" section under Voice Basic Settings. Only the number assigned in the "Phone Number" section will have SMS set up.
  2. Once the SMS capabilities are removed, contact your 3rd party provider and ask them to provision the number for SMS.

Please note that while these steps can help remove the SMS service for the numbers, it is not guaranteed to allow SMS service to be provisioned to a 3rd party service.

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