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Agent Workspace: Change Your Workplace Number


8x8 Contact Center allows you to use a hard phone, a cell phone, or a softphone to process contact center interactions. The use of a hard phone requires a phone number, while the use of a softphone requires a SIP URL. Your administrator specifies this information when setting up your account and determines if you can change this information in your agent profile. The Workplace Phone identifies the phone number you use to process Contact Center phone interactions. The Workplace SIP URL identifies your softphone. Based on the configuration of your account, you may be able to edit your phone number and the SIP URL.

Applies To

  • Agent Workspace


To change your Agent Console telephone number:

  1. Click Work Offline.
    Agent Workspace makes you unavailable for new interactions.
  2. Go to My Profile.
    Agent Workspace displays the profile configuration page.
  3. Enter your Workplace Phone or Workplace SIP URL under Connectivity.
  4. Click Call phone to verify if the phone works.
    For information about valid telephone numbers, see How to Format Your Telephone Number Entries.

Change Your Workplace Number.png

Additional Information

Based on the dial plan implemented for your tenant, you may need to prefix your phone number:

  • In the United States, the telephone format must be:
    <1> <three-digit area code> <seven-digit phone number>
  • Outside the United States, the telephone format must be:
    <Country Code> <phone number>
  • The telephone entries may contain optional dashes, spaces, or parentheses.


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