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How to find Burst Loss Density and Gap Loss in Analytics for 8x8 Work

To view the burst loss density and burst gap loss, click '+' next to the call quality detail report. Learn more here.

Call loss can be experienced evenly or in bursts. A burst indicates a sudden loss of data, creating a short period of poor quality. Follow the steps below to view the Burst Loss Density and Burst Gap Loss, values that indicate a sudden burst of packet loss. The closer the number is to the higher part of the recommended range (100 or 255) shows whether the packet loss was experienced in a burst, or was evenly distributed.

To view the Burst Loss Density and Burst Gap Loss

  1. Click + next to the Call Quality Detail report to get advanced details (EndPoint Voice Quality Report).
  2. View the Burst Loss Density (BLD). The recommended BLD range is as follows:
    • Desk Phones: 1 - 100 for desk phones such as Polycom
    • Virtual Office Mobile, Desktop, or Online: 1 - 255
Note-Icon.png ​Example: If the Local.BurstGapLoss reads BLD: 99.6, this loss occurred in a burst, meaning that network packet loss has occurred during this call. Packet loss often occurs when you exceed your router's bandwidth.
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