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10DLC Campaign Registration for Contact Center


Submit your campaign to 8x8 Support so that it can be registered with your brand.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center
  • 10DLC
  • Campaign Registration



The information you enter into the SMS Your Campaign forms is validated by external third-party organizations with strict guidelines. Attention to detail is critical when filling out the forms. Incomplete, incorrect, or otherwise insufficient entries can result in significant delays and additional effort in registering your SMS campaign.

Step 1

Register your company as a Brand. You can use the Admin Console to register your brand. Once you have a verified Brand proceed to Step 2.

Step 2

Submit your campaign via our support team for this to be registered with the brand. To complete this stage, you will need the Brand ID which you can find in the Admin Console and information about the campaign that you want to run. 

To register your brand in the Admin Console, follow the instructions found in SMS Campaign Registration Admin Console Configuration.

Campaign Verification Form

Once you have completed the form inside Admin Console, please use complete the Campaign Verification fields using the guidelines below. After the form is completed, create a ticket for 8x8 Support to have your campaign registered with your brand.



If you are collecting phone numbers, you will need to add both a disclaimer, with a link to your Privacy Policy.


Here is a sample from both, with the wording the carrier is expecting to see:


Disclaimer Sample:

By providing my phone number to “Company Name”, I agree and acknowledge that “Company Name”

may send text messages to my wireless phone number for any purpose. Message and data rates may

apply. Message frequency will vary, and you will be able to Opt-out by replying “STOP”.

For more information on how your data will be handled please visit (PRIVACY POLICY) (LINK attached).

Privacy Policy:

No mobile information will be shared with third parties/affiliates for marketing/promotional purposes. All

the above categories exclude text messaging originator opt-in data and consent; this information will not

be shared with any third parties.

Campaign Verification Fields

Use Case

For Contact Center, there are two potential use cases that you would need to account for with messaging. These are:

  • Customer Care - Conversations that are started by customers to about support/account etc issues. But also messages sent out to a customer during an interaction as long as they have the appropriate opt in
  • Mixed - SMS numbers are set up for customer care, but also outbound notifications for one or more of the following:
    • Delivery Notifications
    • Account Notifications
    • One Time Passcodes
    • Marketing

Campaign Description

Provide a description of how your business leverages SMS to conduct your business.

Important: This field has a minimum requirement of 40 characters.

Call-to-action message flow

This is simply a description of how opt-in or consent is obtained. Just as there are virtually countless SMS/MMS use-cases, there are many different ways that consent for messaging can be obtained. This field also has a 40 character MINIMUM, so please provide a useful description for how consent is obtained. The key point here is to be accurate and descriptive.

There are many ways this can be done:

  • Opt-in Via Website - The user fills out a form on the website where they can consent to receive notification messages. There is also a box they can check to receive product updates and/or marketing messages.
  • When a consumer uses our online form to make an appointment, they are asked if they would like SMS appointment reminders sent to their phone. If they check the box, YES, then appointment reminders will be sent.
  • Opt-in Via Verbal Consent - While on the phone with the user, the agent asks the customer to confirm if they wish to receive additional information via SMS. If the user agrees, the information is sent. 
  • When a consumer is checking out of our practice, we ask if we can send follow-up appointment reminders via SMS. If they consent, we get their phone number and send a welcome message noting that subsequent appointment reminders will be sent. 
  • Opt-in Via Consumer MO - The customer can reach out to us via SMS (the phone number to text is on the website). We’ll send back a welcome message which notes that they will now receive updates via SMS.
  • Other - There will be many other ways a customer can opt in, it just needs to be clear how this has happened.

Subscriber opt-In

This is how a user opts-in to this campaign. This is set to On and cannot be disabled. It is required that customers agree to this in order to use business SMS.

  • Opt-in Keywords: A keyword(s) users can text to opt-in to the campaign (ex “YES.”)
  • Opt-in Message: If a user texts an “opt-in keyword,” this is the message they will receive in response. It should include confirmation of their opt-in to this recurring message campaign, how to get help, and a clear description of how to opt-out.

Subscriber opt-out

This is how a user opt-outs of this campaign. This is set to On and cannot be disabled. It is required that customers agree to this in order to use business SMS.

  • Opt-out Keywords (Defaults to STOP): A keyword(s) users can text to opt-out of the campaign
  • Opt-out Message: If a user texts “STOP” (or other “opt-out keyword”), this is the message they will receive in response. It should include an acknowledgement of the out-out request and confirmation that no further messages will be sent.

Subscriber help

This is how a user solicits helps or more information. This is set to On and cannot be disabled. It is required that customers agree to this in order to use business SMS.

  • Help Keywords (Defaults to HELP): A keyword(s) users can text to get help or more info
  • Help Message: If a user texts “HELP” (or other “help keyword”), this is the message they will receive in response. It should include relevant help or support contact information.

Direct Lending or Loan Arrangement

Will this campaign include content related to direct lending or other loan arrangements?

Embedded Link

Are you using an embedded link of any kind? Note that public URL shorteners (tinyurl, bitly, etc) are not allowed.

Embedded Phone Number

Are you using an embedded phone number other than what is used in the  HELP message?

Campaign will not be used for Affiliate Marketing

This is always On and cannot be changed. As part of the CTIA messaging guidelines, customers are required to agree to not use business SMS for Affiliate marketing.

Age-Gated Content

Will this campaign contain any age-gated content as defined by the CTIA messaging guidelines?

Sample Messages

Since the majority of these are A2P or B2C messages, make sure there is an opt-out clause at the end of the message such as: - Reply STOP to stop messaging - STOP2End - Reply with STOP any time to unsubscribe - Reply STOP to cancel.

It’s also a very good idea to include the brand name in sample messages. Remember, consumers will receive SMS messages from a phone number that they may not recognize. We highly recommend that you include the brand name; otherwise, you will probably experience a greater than necessary amount of reported spam messages or STOP messages if the user’s do not recognize your brand

Here are some example messages - 

[Brand Name]: Your validation code is 123456. It will expire in 15 minutes. Reply STOP to end all messaging from us.

Your [Brand Name] minimum payment is due in 5 days. Reply STOP to end.

[Brand Name] Customer Service. Thank you for reaching out to us. One of our representatives will be with you shortly. You may opt-out of further messaging by replying STOP

Hi this is Bill. What can I help you with today?

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