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8x8 Contact Center Call Recording File Format Change


To improve our storage services, 8x8 is changing the format of Contact Center Call Recording files from .wav to .mp3.

Applies To

  • Contact Center 
  • Call Recordings


Why is 8x8 changing stored contact center call recordings from .wav to .mp3?

Moving from .wav to .mp3 reduces the size of the stored recordings and will enable faster downloads.

When will this change take place?

As of May 31, 2023, the rollout has now been completed for all regions and all customers will be on the new file format.  

Does this change impact 8x8 Work recordings?

No. This change is just for 8x8 Contact Center call recordings.

Are there plans to allow customers to decide on their preferred file format?  

No. Because .wav files are uncompressed they require more storage space. We are moving to .mp3 format because of the ability to compress the files and reduce the amount of storage required.  

Will existing 8x8 Contact Center call recordings in Cloud Storage be converted to .mp3 format?

Yes. all call recordings will be converted to .mp3. The only exception are recordings older than October 2020.

Will only new contact center call recordings be stored as .mp3, or will old recordings also be changed from .wav to .mp3?

Yes. Old files will also be changed from .wav to .mp3 format, except as noted above, files older than October 2020 will not be changed.

Are there any security or compliance issues associated with changing the call recordings from .wav to .mp3?

8x8 strongly encourages you to check with your data security/compliance department/officer to confirm that there are no concerns about converting these recordings from .wav to .mp3.

Is there anything my company needs to do to download the new file type?

If your operation is retrieving recording files via FTP, user interface download and/or API, be sure to make the appropriate adjustments in your process and systems to support this change in file type (from .wav to .mp3).

Will the change from .wav to .mp3 for contact center call recordings have any impact on my IVR recordings?

No. These files will not be changed. Any audio files that you may be uploading/using for IVR will continue to be required to be in the .wav format.

Will all files be .mp3 format? Even on the upload of the scripts?

The upload function is not currently available.

What if we use custom scripts or automated scripts for downloading files, will these still work?

8x8 recommends you run these scripts once the change from .wav to .mp3 is complete to verify that they are still working properly.

Will there be any loss of audio quality on call recordings?

From a technical standpoint there will be a loss of quality. However, the loss in quality will be near indistinguishable from the original recording.

Will .mp3 files be compressed?

Yes. To 64kbps format.