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A Contact Center agent is receiving double calls


A contact center agent is receiving calls while on a call

Applies To

  • Contact Center Agent Workspace


An administrator will need to go into the Contact Center - Configuration Manager and check the 'agent extension script' to ensure that there is an action under 'busy' status and all other statuses.

Here is how to check which script the agent is attached to:


As you can see in the below photo, there is nothing under 'busy, working offline, etc.'. You can add a 'play' node to play a message or a 'transfer to agent voicemail' for example if you would like for the calls to go to the agent's personal mailbox.



The agent extension script has not been configured.

Additional Information

A call follows the agent extension script when the Contact Center is set up for the agent extension and also when a call is transferred directly to another agent.

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