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How and When to Use a Pop up Chat Window


Understand when to use a popup chat window rather than embedded chat and how to implement the popup chat window.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center
  • Chat

Use Criteria

Some Contact Center users will be able to use the default embedded chat functionality if Contact Center. Others can use a popup chat window because it will work better with their website or offers their customers a better experience.

For users with web pages where each link causes the browser to reload the content into a new page, the embedded chat configuration may not be ideal. For instance, let's imagine that a customer accesses the user's page, opens the chat and s/he is now waiting in the queue. If the customer decides to navigate to another page while waiting the user will end up having "dead" chats being offered to agents. This is because whenever browser navigation occurs, the 8x8 Contact Center server can't know if it is a connection problem, if the customer just closed the browser or if they navigated to another page. 8x8 Contact Center assumes that the customer has connection problems and will be back. 8x8 Contact Center can't do much about a potential connection problem on the customer's side, or the customer closing the browser. However when a customer navigates to another page while waiting in queue one can use a popup chat window to prevent that from disrupting the communication between a customer and a user's agents.


The 8x8 Contact Center Guest Chat can be configured as a pop-up instead of being embedded into the page. The 8x8 Contact Center admin may enable this behavior by following the steps below:

  1. Log in to Configuration Manager for Contact Center.
  2. Navigate to Scripts and go to the Chat tab.
  3. Click to edit the desired chat script.
  4. In the chat script tree, select the root node and click the add link.
    Image 1.jpg
  5. In the Insert object form, select Chat as a popup.
    Image 2.jpg
  6. Fill the required fields and click OK.
    Image 3.jpg
  7. Save the script.

Note: Any change to the script you edit will take effect immediately, there is no need to embed the code again. If you wish to test this functionality before putting it into your production system we highly recommend setting up a test page and creating a test script before making changes to your production chat script or scripts.

Additional Information

Users will need to notify their customers to enable pop-ups for their website if they choose to use a popup chat window. Some more info on the Chat as a Pop-up option is available here.

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