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How to Delete Contact Center Local CRM Data


Deleting Contact Center Local CRM Data

Applies To

  • Contact Center
  • Local CRM


  • Make sure that you have the "Delete" option enabled for your user from Contact Center Configuration Manager by editing the user in questions and checking under "CRM & Tab Permissions".


Before deleting CRM data, please note that :


  • Deleting a customer record permanently removes the customer information as well as all associated cases, follow-ups, and attachments.
  • Deleting a case record permanently removes the case information as well as all associated follow-ups and attachments.
  • You cannot restore any portion of deleted CRM records.


  1. Log in to the Agent Workspace
  2. From the three CRM tabs (Customers, Cases, Tasks), select the object you wish to delete the data from. Based on your permissions, you can delete customers, cases or tasks.
  3. Click Delete next to the CRM record to delete records individually. You will be prompted to confirm. / Click Basic or Advanced Search to search and retrieve the data records you wish to delete.

CRM Delete.PNG

  1. From the list, select desired records and click Delete Selected. ( A message indicates the number of records selected for deletion and warns that all data associated with the records will be deleted as well. )
  2. Click Ok to proceed.
  3. To delete all records:
    • Click Delete All.
      You are prompted to enter your password to prevent accidental deletion.
    • At the prompt, enter your password to log in to Agent Workspace.
    • Click Delete Now.

Additional Information

Keep in mind that if you do not have the proper privileges assigned, the option to delete the selected objects will not be presented.

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