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How to setup a custom SMTP server for 8x8 Contact Center email communication


8x8 offers the possibility to route email communication through pre-configured SMTP servers. However, it's also possible to configure a custom SMTP server, should this be required. The custom SMTP server must be configured with authentication and STARTTLS protocol to ensure emails are not hijacked on their way to the tenant facilities.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center
  • Virtual Contact Center Config Mgr


  1. From the Configuration Menu, open Security.
  2. Go to the SMTP Servers tab.
  3. Click  SMTP Server.
  4. Enter the following information:
    SMTP Server Definition Description
    Name Label for the SMTP server
    Server Name Name of the SMTP server as registered
    Port Specific port number that varies with the choice of connection security method (the default port for SMTP server is 25)
    Connection Security Preferred way to encrypt communication, using SSL/TLS or STARTTLS protocols
    Authentication Method Authentication method that decides how to bundle the password
    User Name User name is usually the email address. For example, the username for Gmail SMTP is your Gmail address.
    Password Password for the email address. Enter the Gmail password for your Gmail account.
  5. Enter a working email address to send a test mail. The test verifies if the SMTP server is configured correctly.
  6. Click Test to verify the setup. If the configuration is correct, you receive a test email in the test email account.
  7. Set up the SMTP server as the default server.

Additional Information

If 8x8 Contact Center fails to deliver emails when the remote SMTP server is down or when configuration parameters are invalid, 8x8 Contact Center attempts to determine the reason for failure, and retries a few times before sending a failure notification.

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