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Time Zones in 8x8 Contact Center


What time zones are listed in 8x8 Contact Center?

Applies To

  • Contact Center


Note-Icon.png Some time zones do not include Daylight Saving Time (DST)
Contact Center Time Zone Time Zone Identifier  
(GMT-10) Aleutian Time America/Adak AST10ADT
(GMT-10) Hawaii Time Pacific/Honolulu HST10
(GMT-9) Yukon Time America/Anchorage YST9YDT
(GMT-8) Pacific Time America/Los_Angeles PST8PDT
(GMT-7) Mountain Time America/Denver MST7MDT
(GMT-7) Mountain Time (US: Arizona, Canada: Dawson Creek) America/Phoenix MST7MST
(GMT-6) Central Time America/Chicago CST6CDT
(GMT-6) Central Time (Canada Most of Saskatchewan) America/Regina CST6CST
(GMT-5) Eastern Time (US Most of Indiana) America/Indianapolis EST5EST
(GMT-5) Eastern Time America/New_York EST5EDT
(GMT-4) Atlantic Time America/Halifax AST4ADT
(GMT-4) Brazil Amazon Time (No Daylight Saving Time) America/Manaus AMT4
(GMT-4) Brazil Amazon Time (Daylight Saving Time) America/Cuiaba AMT4AMST
(GMT-3:30) Newfoundland Time America/St_Johns NST3:30NDT
(GMT-3) Argentina Time America/Buenos_Aires ART3
(GMT-3) Brazil Brasilia Time (No Daylight Saving Time) America/Belem BRT3
(GMT-3) Brazil Brasilia Time (Daylight Saving Time) America/Sao_Paulo BRT3BRST
(GMT-2) Brazil Fernando de Noronha Time (No Daylight Saving Time) America/Noronha FNT2
(GMT-0) Western European Time Europe/London WET0WETDST
(GMT-0) Portuguese Time Europe/Lisbon PWT0PST
(GMT-0) Greenwich Mean Time, No Daylight Saving Time GMT GMT
(GMT-0) Greenwich Mean Time, British Summer Time Europe/London GMT0BST
(GMT+1) Middle European Time Europe/Paris MET-1METDST
(GMT+2) Finland Time Europe/Helsinki EET-2EETDST
(GMT+2) South Africa Time Africa/Johannesburg SAST-2
(GMT+2) Belorussia (minsk) Time Europe/Minsk WST-2WSTDST
(GMT+3) Western Russia (Moscow) Time Europe/Moscow WST-3WSTDST
(GMT+4) European Russia (samara) Time Europe/Samara WST-4WSTDST
(GMT+5) Urals (Ekaterinburg) Time Asia/Yekaterinburg WST-5WSTDST
(GMT+5:30) India Standard Time Asia/Calcutta IST-5:30
(GMT+6) Western Siberia (Omsk) Time Asia/Novosibirsk WST-6WSTDST
(GMT+7) Middle Siberia (Krasnoyarsk) Time Asia/Krasnoyarsk WST-7WSTDST
(GMT+8) South East Asia (Malaysia) Time Asia/Taipei GMT-8
(GMT+8) Baikal lake (Irkutsk) Time Asia/Irkutsk WST-8WSTDST
(GMT+8) Australia Western Time (Perth) Australia/Perth WST-8WDT
(GMT+9) Japan Time Asia/Tokyo JST-9
(GMT+9) Eastern Siberia (Yakutsk) Time Asia/Yakutsk WST-9WSTDST
(GMT+9:30) Australian Central Time (Darwin) Australia/Darwin ACST
(GMT+9:30) Australian Central Time (Adelaide) Australia/Adelaide CST-9:30CDT
(GMT+10) Australian Eastern Time (Canberra) Australia/Sydney EST-10EDT
(GMT+10) Australian Eastern Time (Tasmania) Australia/Hobart EST-10EDT#Tasmania
(GMT+10) Australian Eastern Time (Sydney) Australia/Sydney EST-10EDT#NSW
(GMT+10) Australian Eastern Time (Melbourne) Australia/Sydney EST-10EDT#VIC
(GMT+10) Australian Eastern Time (Brisbane) Australia/Brisbane AEST
(GMT+10) Far East (Khabarovsk) Time Asia/Vladivostok WST-10WSTDST
(GMT+11) Russia Pacific (Magadan) Time Asia/Magadan WST-11WSTDST
(GMT+12) New Zealand Time Pacific/Auckland NZST-12NZDT
(GMT+12) Kamchatka (Petropavlovsk) Time Asia/Kamchatka WST-12WSTDST


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