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Unable to transfer a call to an agent that is not Available nor on a different call


Call received by agent A via a VCC Channel. When agent A tries to transfer the call to agent B that doesnt`h have the status "Available" and is not in another call, the transfer fails.

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Go to VCC Configuration Manager

  1. Identify the agent for which the call can no be transferred to and expand the profile
  2. Go to "Phone" section and check the name of the agent script listed on the bottom right of the page.
  3. Go to "Scripts" Identify the agent script linked to the agent, expand the script and go to "Script" section
  4. Click on "Transfer to agent" object on the script and select "edit"
  5. On the object proprieties you will see that the options "Transfer to agent even if the status is: *Busy, *On Break, *Working Offline, *Logged Off" are unchecked.


The Agent Script assigned to the VCC user forbids the transferring option. Basically the Script has the the options "Transfer to agent even if the status is: *Busy, *On Break, *Working Offline, *Logged Off"  disabled.

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