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How are 8x8 Contact Center voice ports calculated?

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center


Voice Ports are associated with interactions. For example - An inbound Call accepted by an agent counts as 1 Voice Port. So if for any interaction, a new Transaction ID is generated, it's another interaction.

Formula to Calculate Voice Ports for tenant

Concurrent Number of Seats x 4 + Additional Ports

Limiting check only considers:

  • Current queued-in and agent connected inbound calls
  • Agent/customer connected webcallbacks (ie: there can be 100s of scheduled webcallbacks and are not counted),
  • Agent to agent calls
  • Manual dials

It does NOT consider any queued outbound calls (in that queue of 50) as part of a campaign or any connected calls as part of a campaign.


  1. Suppose 10 inbound calls are in the queue, they are consuming 10 Voice Ports.
  2. These 10 calls are accepted by agents, they are still consuming 10 Voice Ports. Once they have completed the calls you are back to 0 Voice Ports consumed.
  3. Forward to External is never accepted by an agent - it will consume 1 Voice port for the full lifespan of the phone call.
  4. The call recording leg is not counted towards Voice Port.
  5. Outbound calls are never denied nor will they consume any port until answered.
  6. Campaign Calls are not counted towards Voice Ports.
  7. Scheduled webcallback isn't counted as Voice Port until connected.
  8. Dialer will not consume any Voice Port.
  9. eIVR call will not consume any Voice Port.



Tenant X has 5 seats with no additional Ports

Hence Max Voice Ports. - 5x4+0 = 20

Example scenarios (assuming 20 Max Voice Ports):

  1. 20 Calls can enter and wait in the queue.
  2. 17 calls can enter and wait in the queue and 3 can be in the accepted state.
  3. 15 calls can wait in the queue and 5 can be in the accepted state.
  4. In any of the above scenarios, if one more inbound call comes in, the caller will get a fast busy tone.
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