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Create an IVR Script Limited Loop in 8x8 Contact Center


To create an IVR script with a limited loop.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center
  • Contact Center Configuration Manager
  • IVR Script



The example below is a scenario where there have separate queues for sales, support and a main queue for all other types of calls. They want callers to have three chances to provide a queue choice. If the caller selects an option other than the two valid options (1 for sales, 2 for support) they will be sent to the main queue. If the caller does not enter a number within three seconds they are asked for a number two more times before being sent to the main queue.

  1. Log in to Contact Center Configuration Manager.
  2. Click Scripts.
  3. Click Add new phone script.
  4. Select Inbound phone as the script type.
    Loop 02.jpg 
  5. Enter a Script Name and click Save.
  6. Click View Variables.
  7. Click Add new.
    Loop 04.jpg
  8. Enter a Variable Name (it has to begin with an underscore _ ).
  9. Under Data Typeselect Number.
    Loop 06.jpg
  10. Click OK.
  11. Close the window and click MainIVR.
  12. Click add.Loop 07.jpg
  13. Select Set Variable.
  14. Fill in Object tag (the example has "Set empty count because it indicates what the object does").
  15. For Variable select the variable name from step 8.
  16. Set Value to 0.
     Loop 08.jpg
  17. Click OK.
  18. The script will look like this after adding the Set Variable object.
    Loop 09.jpg
  19. Click Set Variable > add.
    Loop 10.0.jpg
  20. For IVR object select Label.
  21. Fill in Object tag (the example has "Top of loop").
    Loop 10.1.jpg
  22. Click OK.
  23. The example script looks like this after adding the Label object.Loop 10.2.jpg
  24. Click Label add.
  25. For IVR object select Say.
  26. Fill in Object Tag
    The example has "Hello, please press one for sales or two for support."
    Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 11.22.19 AM.png
  27. Click OK.
  28. The sample script looks like this after adding the Say object.Loop 12.jpg
  29. Click Say Add.
  30. For IVR object select Get Digit.
  31. Fill in Object Tag.
    Loop 13.jpg
  32. After adding the Get Digit object the sample script looks like this.Loop 14.jpg
  33. Click add
  34. For IVR object select Forward to Queue.
  35. Fill in Object Tag.
  36. Set Queue name to where Option 1 should send the call
    In this example, Option 1 is for the Sales Queue. 
    Loop 15.jpg
  37. Click OK.
  38. Click > add.
  39. For IVR object select Forward to Queue.
  40. Fill in Object Tag.
  41. Set Queue name to where Option 2 should send the call.
    In this example, Option 2 is for Support. 
    Loop 18.jpg
  42. Click OK.
  43. Click empty.
  44. Click Add.
  45. For IVR object select Set Variable.
  46. Fill in Object Tag.
  47. Set Variable to the empty count variable
  48. For Value set it the variable from step 46, + the operator in the operator box then type a 1 in the last box. This will increment the empty count variable by one.
    Loop 19.jpg
  49. Click OK.
  50. The empty action will look like this after adding the Set Variable object.
    Loop 20.jpg
  51. Under empty click Set Variable Add
  52. For IVR object select Test Variable.
  53. Fill in Object Tag.
  54. Set Variable to the empty count variable.
  55. For Value set it the empty count variable.
  56. Select >= for the operator in the operator box.
  57. Select 3 in the last box. If you want to give you callers more than three chances use a larger number.
    Loop 21.jpg
  58. The sample script looks like this after adding the Test Variable object.Loop 22.jpg
  59. Under the Test Variable click True add.
  60. For IVR object select Forward to Queue.
  61. Fill in Object Tag.
  62. Set Queue name to Main Line
  63. Click OK.
  64. Under Test Variable click False > add.
  65. For IVR object select Go To.
  66. Fill in Object Tag.
  67. Set Destination to Top of loop.
    Loop 25.jpg
  68. Click OK.
  69. If further actions are needed, return to Get Digit and add Forward to Queue for all other actions.
  70. Once complete, the script should look something like this:Loop 27.jpg
  71. At this point in time you're ready to assign the script to a channel for testing.  Test the script to make sure it's working the way you want it to.  Then either repeat these steps a copy of a script you want to modify or use the script you modified by assigning it to the channel it's intended for.

    If using the set variable to compare an inbound call number with anonymous... then your variable 'anonymous' has to have a lower case 'a' as it's case sensitive. 

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