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What are 8x8 Contact Center transaction codes?

Applies To

  • Contact Center
  • Transaction Codes 


Transaction codes offer a means to apply call disposition to inbound and outbound interactions. Transaction codes can be defined to collect call disposition information from the agents at the time of the call and supervisors can report on this information for analysis and determine further processing.

Transaction Code Functionality

  • An administrator predefines a list of transaction codes used to describe the purpose of an interaction, or probable outcomes for an interaction.
  • An agent applies a call disposition from the predefined list of transaction codes during the processing or post-processing stage of an interaction.
  • A supervisor reports on call disposition for further analysis and to determine further processing.

When to use transaction codes?

Transaction codes are used to state the purpose of interactions and indicate the outcome of inbound or outbound interactions.

The following table lists the uses of transactions codes with corresponding examples:

Reasons for Using Transaction Codes Examples of Transaction Codes
State the purpose of an interaction
  • Sales Call
  • Service Call
  • Support Call
Indicate the outcome of an interaction
  • Prospect Interested – Call Back
  • Prospect not Interested – Do not Call Back
  • Reached Voicemail – Try Again
  • Faulty Number