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8x8 Agent Workspace - How to Submit Wrap Up Codes


Successfully submit a Wrap Up (Transaction) Code after ending a VCC interaction.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Agent Workspace
  • VCC


  1. Select desired Wrap Up Code by clicking the relevant radio button.
  2. Submit Transaction Code selection by clicking on Wrap up.


Additional Information

Note: If an agent selects a Wrap Up Code by clicking the radio button, but does not click Wrap up, the transaction will show up as N/A or [null] as the Wrap Up Code on various reports.

With the old UI (Agent Workspace), submitting the Wrap Up Codes needed to be done separately by clicking the Save button (see below). With Agent Workspace now this is done via the Wrap up button, allowing agents to both submit Wrap Up Codes and end their post-processing at the same time.

AGUI - Wrap Up.jpg

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