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Dashboard feature within Agent Workspace


Since the successful launch of Agent Workspace, some customers have missed the combined view of Agents and Queues in a single view.  These views helped agents make decisions on when to go on breaks and to see how quickly to finish handling their current interaction(s)  (i.e. conclude quicker if lots of contacts are queuing).

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center

  • Agent Workspace


This view has been reintroduced to Agent Workspace in March ‘23.  The new dashboard is accessible via the new Show Dashboard button (highlighted):

When clicked, the dashboard is displayed as follows:


The top section displays queue information, whilst the bottom section displays contact center colleagues and their status.

The relative heights of the sections can be adjusted by clicking and dragging the divider bar between the sections up or down.


Queue Information Panel

The queue information follows the same general format as My Assigned Queues and displays:

  • Communication channel icon (phone, email, chat, SMS, WhatsApp etc.)

  • The queue name

  • Number of busy (in progress) interactions 

  • Number of queueing interactions

  • The queue time of the longest-waiting interaction that is still waiting to be accepted



This list also responds to click events, so clicking on a queue will allow you to select/deselect it as a favorite and allows the user to launch monitoring for this queue (if they are a supervisor):



The filters that are available in My Assigned Queues are also available in the queue information panel and can be accessed by clicking on the magnifying glass icon:


Clicking this icon shows the filter panel where users can perform a free-text search by typing in the text input panel:

By clicking on the filter icon, further criteria are shown that can further filter the results:


The following options are then available:

  • Filter by queue relationship - whether the user has a supervisor assignment to the queue or is an agent

  • By status - whether the queue is enabled or disabled

  • By media - select one or more communication channels (e.g. phone, email, web chat etc.)

Apply the filter by clicking anywhere outside the filter window.


Contacts Information Panel

The bottom section contains information about your contact center colleagues so that it is possible to see:

  • The system default avatar

  • The colleague’s name

  • Their current status

  • Their time in status


The contacts list will respond to a mouse hover event with a consistent experience to that in Contacts Directory.  Hovering over a contact will allow you to:

  • Start a chat with the user

  • Start a call with the user (depending on their status)

  • Select/deselect them as a favourite


This list also has a filter capability with both free-text search and filter criteria, accessible by clicking on the filter icon:

Users can then filter on

  • Users’ status

  • Group assignment